Are you dreaming of gazing out over magnificent, rugged landscapes that speaks to the soul?
Do you want to photograph couples with the same longing?

Then the Scotland elopement adventure is the journey that will give you the tools you need to reach out to customers who, so far, only exist in your imagination.


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- jessica gredenstedt Participant 2023

"It's hard to find other words to describe the feeling than MAGICAL;
The nature was MAGICAL, the feeling was MAGICAL, the arrangement with models, locations, and the accommodation was MAGICAL."

Scotland Elopement Adventure is more than just a phototrip; it's an opportunity to realize your professional dreams. During our 4 days in one of the world's most enchanting landscapes, every picture you take will tell a story, filled with adventure and excitement. This experience not only gives you a portfolio filled with incredible images but also the tools you need to book clients who share the same vision and dream as you.

Scotland Content Adventure is not just an investment in your professional development; it's an investment in your future. By participating, you give yourself the tools, knowledge, and experiences required not just to achieve your dreams but also to create a life filled with creativity, freedom, and adventure.

with Excitement

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The focus is on creating content with 4 action-packed days featuring all the most beautiful places in the Scottish Highlands. 100% action and focus on creation with no "fluff" - so you can come home with a varied portfolio that will take your clients' breath away.

You are one of very few selected photographers, having a fantastic opportunity to create images that are consistent with you and your brand, making it possible for your clients to see your pictures and imagine their own elopement.

Handpicked beautiful models and model couples styled in luxurious wedding fashion set the tone for your images and enhance the overall feel of your portfolio.

The opportunity to photograph two full elopements from a storytelling perspective with preparations, flowers, invitations, ceremony, portraits, etc. - images invaluable as reference albums when you book your first elopement couples.

Create a portfolio that inspires couples to marry abroad and book you for the photography, images to use for freebies, blog posts, social media, and your website.

If you apply for a spot within the first 7 days, you will receive a preparatory course on how to book 100% of your inquiries. By developing your customer experience, you will also be able to book the majority of the inquiries you receive.

Land at home with all the tools to book your dream clients and with a portfolio that will reflect what you dream of.




In a world where time is as valuable as the images we create, we understand the challenges you face as a photographer. Finding those truly magical photo spots, booking beautiful model couples, and building trust with high-end suppliers is not only time-consuming but also challenging.

We have spent countless hours on research and planning, determined to find the most amazing places - not just the well-known views but also hidden gems that only the most initiated know of.

We have also worked hard to build relationships with some of the best suppliers and model couples. This means that you will have the opportunity to photograph high-end clothes and jewelry and real love couples that enhance the authenticity and feeling in your images. This combination is crucial for creating a portfolio that captures not just the eye but also the heart of the clients you long to work with and shows how you will portray their elopement.




Submit your application to join the adventure. Only 5 spots are available, so don't wait!
You will receive an email with a confirmation once you are accepted for the trip, and then you can book your flight and accommodation.

4 days of incredible nature experiences, high pace, and life's opportunities for you to create the portfolio you dream of.

Hit the ground running with the tools to book the couples you dream of photographing!




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Book your dream clients

Create images that elevate your portfolio


I deeply understand the dreams that drive you – the longing for excitement and adventure in your life, to capture those moments with dream clients that take you to places beyond your wildest imagination. The key to these dreams lies in creating a portfolio that not only speaks to your clients but also touches their hearts. But the challenge of building that kind of portfolio is not just a matter of time and money, it's a journey filled with complexities that can feel overwhelming.


beyond your 

" the key to your


is to create a 


that touches hearts." 



I know that you have endless possibilities to create the life you long for  within you. To bring you closer to this goal, we want to make it easy for you to gather a treasure chest of content that propels you light years ahead in your photographic journey. We are here to provide you with the tools, guidance, and context you need not just to dream big, but to live the dream.

4 full days in the Scottish Highlands

10-15 handpicked photo spots that constitute Scotland's most beautiful places. Both well-known and unknown.

Several beautiful bridal couples who are accustomed to being in front of the camera. 

Several bridal models who will be with us at multiple photo locations.

Transportation from Inverness and throughout the entire workshop

Lots of great hanging out, contacts, and experiences with other dedicated photographers.

Well-planned photo shoots with brides styled in luxurious dresses and accessories

Flight, accommodation, and food.

Additional costs that you book yourself:
*Accommodation approximately 279 EUR in total Wed-Sat (shared double room, you will receive accommodation tips from us once you are accepted)
*Flight from approximately 257 EUR Stockholm - Inverness round trip.
*Food expenses ​


The opportunity to photograph two elopements from a storytelling perspective, from the preparations, through the ceremony, portraits, and details such as jewelry, invitations, etc.





not included



The online training that sharpens your consultation meeting and prepares your bridal couples to book you!

VALUE €209


Give yourself the tools to book elopements to places only in your dreams.




The first payment of €162.38 is due 7 days after you have been accepted.


The second payment of €1,204.26 is due on May 27, 2024.

The third payment of €1,204.26 is due on August 26, 2024. ​​



Ready email template that you easily customize for your bridal couples to provide both a personal yet professional response to each inquiry. 



Due to high interest, we have opened registration for the 2025 trip.

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- Ramona öynes PARTICIPANT 2023

"Scotland, a place I could only DREAM of VISITING a few months ago, to now having LANDED home after the most FAIRYTALE and magical JOURNEY I have ever EXPERIENCED."

 your hosts

Alexandra is part of the duo behind Scotland Content Adventure. Alexandra has several years of experience in wedding photography, a background in fashion design, and extensive knowledge in graphic design and marketing.

- My passion for photography and design extends far beyond the technical aspects; it is a love for the art of creation, for exploring new perspectives, and above all, for enabling others to discover and express their own creativity.




Sandra is the other half of the duo behind Scotland Content Adventure - she is a true master of portrait photography with a magical touch. For her, photography is much more than a profession; it is a passion that embraces playfulness, challenges, and adventures.
In addition to her skill with the camera, Sandra brings with her a unique background in psychology and mindset. This knowledge gives her the ability to not only understand the external world but also to navigate the inner landscape of creativity and inspiration. It is this combination of skills that makes her an exceptional mentor and inspirer.


self-portrait photography


learn more

Is self-portrait photography your creative calling?

You are responsible for booking your flight to Inverness and accommodation during the trip. Pick-up/drop-off will take place from a designated meeting point (our recommended hotel in Inverness). There is no travel insurance/travel guarantee included from us during this trip, so you need to have your own travel insurance for unforeseen events.

All models are preliminary and may be subject to change if unforeseen circumstances arise. We will, of course, try to replace models who cannot attend.

Scotland has extremely changeable weather, so we reserve the right to change the workshop's setup at short notice if necessary due to weather. This may include shortening photo shoots or changing the schedule. Participants are responsible for ensuring they have clothing and equipment suitable for the weather.

If the course leader becomes ill or otherwise unable to attend, we will arrange a replacement.

In events beyond our control, such as natural disasters, government interventions, war, labor disputes, or similar, the workshop may be canceled. All participants will receive a refund for their spot, but will be responsible for any other rebooking costs themselves.

After paying the registration fee, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal for your booking with a full refund. After that, you cannot cancel for a refund.

In case of illness or changed circumstances, you can sell your spot to someone else. This applies regardless of the reason. Both the seller and the buyer need to provide us with their personal information when selling.

Disputes arising from these terms shall be governed by Swedish law and decided by Swedish courts.

booking terms

How does it work?

Apply for a spot at the Scotland Content Adventure.

You will receive a confirmation from us that you have been accepted to the workshop and will then need to pay the booking invoice within 7 days to secure your spot.

We will send an invitation to our shared Facebook group where the fairy tale photographers are also included, where you can get to know the others who are already joining and we can share thoughts and tips, and if you wish to share a room with someone.

You book your flights and accommodation, the journey starts from Inverness and we will be stationed in Fort William. We will provide you with precise advice on accommodation once you have been accepted to the workshop.  

What do I need to arrange?

You book your own trip to Inverness and your accommodation in Scotland. We assist you with which flights and hotels you should book. Travel insurance is not included and must be purchased separately.

About Scotland

The Scottish weather is fickle; the Scots often jokingly say they can experience four seasons in one day. This means that you and your equipment need to be prepared for different types of weather. Think layers, good shoes, and rain gear. It's also a good idea to ensure that you can protect your equipment with rain covers.

The UK has different electrical outlets, so bring an adapter if you want to charge your mobile phone, laptop, etc.

Paying by card works at most places, but it may be useful to have a small amount of cash on hand.

Keep in mind that using your phone's data can be very expensive outside of wifi zones, such as hotels.

How should I get there?

You book your flight yourself; information about suitable flights will be provided to those who have been accepted for the trip.

How do i pay?

The payment is divided into three and is made via invoice. The first payment must reach us within 7 days of receiving your acceptance confirmation.

Payment 2 should reach us before May 27th, and the final payment should reach us by August 26th.

What's included?

Transport on Site
4 days
Scotland is a very special place to drive in (not just because of driving on the left side of the road), especially when you venture onto narrow roads, which are often necessary to reach fantastic locations.
But you don't need to worry about that for transport during these 4 days as pickup and drop-off in Inverness are included.
This gives you the opportunity to simply sit back and enjoy the incredible landscapes rolling by outside your window, browse through your photos on your camera, and recharge between photo shoots.

Styled Models
We have scouted fantastic models, including fairy-tale models, bridal models, and real elopement couples who will also be present at the most remote and hard-to-reach locations. Sometimes we'll meet them there, sometimes they'll ride with us in our cars. If you have your own visions you want to realize, there may be an opportunity for that too.

Magical Photo Spots
We have spent countless hours on research and planning, determined to find the most photogenic spots - not just the well-known views but also hidden gems known only to the most initiated. The photo journey has a fast pace to ensure you capture a wide variety of different scenes and models as possible.


Styled Models
We have scouted fantastic models, bridal models, and real elopement couples who will be present even in the most remote and inaccessible locations. Sometimes we will meet them there, sometimes they will travel with us in our cars. If you have your own visions you want to realize, there may be an opportunity for that too when contacting us. We will photograph two beautiful elopement couples from a storytelling perspective with preparations, flowers, invitations, ceremony, portraits, etc. - images invaluable as reference albums when booking your first elopement couples.

All models will be styled in bridal attire from brands within the luxury segment and also from smaller independent artistic creators. You will have the opportunity to photograph beautiful bouquets from talented florists at several of the shoots, graphically designed invitations, and also preparations with beautiful jewelry, ring boxes, ribbons, etc.

How can I use the images?

You own the rights to your images and can use them freely in marketing, social media, etc. You can use the images in competitions provided they comply with the competition rules. Often, you need to have styled the photoshoot yourself to compete with the image. If you wish to style any of your own images for competition purposes, it may be possible to arrange, but we need to know this well in advance, and you are also responsible for bringing your own bridal attire for styling.

Where and what are we going to shoot?

We will share the exact itinerary with the selected group who will join the trip, but we promise, we have selected the very best locations in the Scottish Highlands so you can experience the most magical scenery.

What happens if I get ill?

The ticket is non-refundable but can be transferred to another person. This is managed by the seller/buyer, but they both need to inform the travel organizer that the ticket has been transferred.

How much does accommodation/flight cost?

Flight from 265 EUR and accommodation approximately 289 EUR.
Prices are approximate and subject to change

How do I book accommodation?

You book your accommodation yourself; information about suitable accommodations will be provided to those who have been accepted for the trip.


Transportation on Site 4 days
Scotland is a very special place to drive in (not just because of driving on the left side) and especially when you venture out onto small roads, which is often a must to reach amazing places.
But you don't need to worry about that because transportation during these 4 days with pick-up and drop-off in Inverness is included.
This gives you the opportunity to just sit back and enjoy the incredible landscapes rolling past outside your window, review your pictures on your camera, and rest between photo locations.

I want to sign up but participate as a model, is that possible?

Of course, contact us and let us know that you wish to participate as a model.

What do i neet to know?

You need to feel confident in shooting with your camera; no information about the basic functions of the camera will be provided, but we are more than happy to discuss creative decisions, thoughts, and ideas.

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